Why is Preheating Necessary?

Preheating a part before welding is common practice. Sometimes we apply heat after we are done welding. We sometimes apply heat between passes.  A lot of us do this simply because it is written in the WPS or PQR, but not really understand why it is necessary. Preheating is used for the following reasons: Reduces […]

Hot Cracking vs Cold Cracking

We recently helped out a customer in determining why some of their welds were cracking.  It was determined that cracking on their parts was due to rapid cooling and improperly sized welds. The discussions we had before and after determining the cause were quite interesting.  We went over the typical causes for cracking with our […]

Effects of Shielding Gases in GMAW

Using the right shielding gas is essential not only to prevent porosity but to get proper penetration, proper mechanical properties, and overall weld quality.  In order to select the right shielding gas you need to consider the following: –          Alloy of filler metal –          Material thickness –          Mode of GMAW (spray, short-arc, etc) –          Welding […]

How to Become a Certified Welding Inspector

A career as a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) can be very rewarding.  This certification, which is awarded by the American Welding Society, carries a lot of weight both nationally and internationally.  The main responsibility of a CWI is to make sure that welders follow specified guidelines in order to manufacture a product that is of […]