Weld Troubleshooting for Non-Welding Engineers

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Whether you are an aspiring welding engineer,  welder,  supervisor, welding inspector, production manager,  or a welding business owner you have dealt with welding problems. From potentially easily solved problems such as porosity and spatter to more difficult ones like underbead cracking and distortion.

Welding disconintuies and other problems can create a lot of down time, lost revenue or at the very least a big headache.  Solving some welding problems ends up taking way too long and the reason for this is that we don’t always understand what can cause the problem. This guide will not only help you solve all of these problems, but it will also provide in depth explanations regarding each root cause and every single recommended solution.



This guide will provide in depth explanations behind the reasons for taking the specified corrective action.  Our goal has always been to educate and not just provide quick answers.  Our goal for our consulting clients and our readers has always been to educate.

And don’t let the name fool you, even seasoned Welding Engineers can benefit from this guide.

Below is a list of some of the problems that are addressed in this guide:

Weld and welding process problems:

  • Porosity
  • Cracking
  • Undercut
  • Overlap
  • Incorrect bead placement
  • Spatter
  • Incorrect weld size
  • Slag inclusions
  • Excessive reinforcement
  • Melt-through
  • Excessive concavity
  • Excessive convexity
  • Excessive reinforcement
  • Unacceptable bead profile
  • Lack of fusion
  • Distortion
  • Incomplete penetration
  • Worm tracking
  • Arc flaring

Welding equipment problems:

  • Erratic wire feeding
  • Welding arc/weld appearance changes as the day goes on
  • Different welding arcs on different machines running the same settings
  • Bird nesting
  • Excessive consumption of contact tips and other consumable items
  • Overheating of welding guns and torches
  • Wire tangling (spools and drums)
  • Insufficient power from welding machine
  • Duty cycle issues (thermal overload)

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