Weld Troubleshooting for Non Welding Engineers


Troubleshoot common welding and welding equipment problems the way welding engineers do.

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  • Learn and follow the process used by welding engineers to find the root cause of welding problems and their solutions.
  • This troubleshooting guide goes beyond your typical troubleshooting charts on the back of an owner’s manual.  The goal is not just to help you solve a welding problem, but to teach  the concepts and theory behind it.  Understanding why a recommended solution worked is  just as important as solving the problem.
  • This guide addresses the most common weld discontinuities as well as the most common welding equipment problems.
  • Use this publication as a training tool for welders, supervisors, inspectors, quality personnel and even seasoned welding engineers.


Weld Troubleshooting for Non Welding Engineers can help Welding Engineers too.

Most welding engineers are in charge of specific product lines, or work for a single company and are limited in terms of their experience troubleshooting welidng problems.  They can be experts in a specific welding process and fixing issues related to the type and thickness of materials they deal with on a daily basis.  But when a new application comes along that uses a different welding process or a type of material that is quite different and then it becomes harder to troubleshoot.

Also, cracking is a very serious issue.  Cracking must not only be fixed but prevented at all costs.  Arriving to the root cause of a crack is not always simple.  Understanding how the crack originated, where and why is very important. These are all things that a welding engineer should be able to handle, but it is not always the case.  This guide devotes almost 40 pages to understandnig, diagnosing, fixing and preventing the many different types of cracks that occure in welding.

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