Welding Positions

Even for those of us dealing with welding all day every day it is difficult to remember the welding position nomenclature.  So here is a quick cheat sheet.

Fillet Weld Positions

Positions - Fillet

Groove Weld Positions

Positions - Groove

Pipe Weld Positions

Positions - Pipe

Which do you consider to be the most challenging welding position?



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7 thoughts on “Welding Positions

  1. hi there i only have a 2F weld code does this cover me for a 3G down hand open but 5mm plate with 5 mm grove thanks fr looking at this

  2. From a standpoint of welder performance qualification tests then the 2F position is the most difficult to get to pass. The ability to obtain fusion at the root on 2 thick plates is not as easy as one would think. The travel speed, arc length, deposition rate, and especially travel angle can influence the amount of penetration. There have been many a welders fail this one.

    These can also be difficult to inspect. A good polish and etch is needed. The fracture surface after the bends are done has to be looked at closely to verify complete penetration.