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Welcome to Welding Answers!  We are a group of professionals in the welding industry. Our contributors include  welding engineers, welding consultants, certified welding inspectors, welding sales experts and welders themselves.

In our day to day activities we are in constant contact with manufacturers that are doing their best to stay competitive and keep jobs in the United States.  This is a tough task.  We hope that this website can serve as a resource for those in need of help.  Our intent is not to promote specific products or generate sales, it is simply to educate our readers and generate a large database of helpful articles related to welding.  We plan to grow this database by taking time each week to write about our experiences from the week.  This will mainly be comprised of questions we were asked or challenges we faced during the week.

We highly encourage our readers and followers to ask questions.  Chances are if someone has a welding related question there are several others who could find the answer useful.  As we build our follower base we will keep our comments section open to everyone in an effort to make it easy to ask and interact.  Due to the pervasive spamming that goes on we may eventually require registration in order to comment or post.  This will be completely free and only necessary to avoid cluttering the site with unwanted and unsolicited propaganda.

Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site to better serve you and the rest of our readers please let us know. If you would like to receive this valuable content in your inbox every time a new post is available please sign up below.

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7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am having a problem with barrels of wire!
    The guys keep complaining that it pig tales when coming out of the gun.
    But when I installed a new barrel and the roll is not taken off there is no problem with the one we have hooked up.
    My question is if they cut and disconnect the barrel does it break the tension within the barrel with it untwisting with it being slack?

    • Hello Will,
      If you cut the wire coming off the barrel it should not unwind like a spool would. However, the top few layers make loosen up a bit and when feeding again it could cause some issue. It is good practice to cut the wire and then bend it into an L-shape so it cannot go back into the barrel (assuming you have a top hat or other payoff device on top).
      In regards to the pig tails. This can be caused by different things. If the winding of the barrel wasn’t done properly by the manufacturer you will get this effect, also called wire flip. Most often it is caused by your wire feeder. If you have a 4-roll wire feeder and the two sets of rolls are out of alignment this will introduce a twist on the wire. This twist will relieve itself either forward (at the gun) or backwards (at the barrel). If it goes forward the welder will notice this and will sometimes cause him or her to miss the joint momentarily. If it goes backwards it creates a tangle in the drum. This would be a type e-script tangle. Called that because the wire bends in the shape of the letter “e”and tangles.
      A good troubleshooting step (assuming you have a 4-roll wire feeder) is to disengage the back two drive rolls. If the problem goes away then the problem is with the drive rolls. If it does not it may be the wire.
      Also, if you are running long conduits from the drum to the feeder make sure there are not sharp bends, excessive amounts of bend or excessive length of conduit. Hope this helps.

  2. Can I get details of TIG type welding courses in Germany ?Specifically I am in search of courses having 6 months to 1 year duration , to acquire profound welding skills .

    Chetan D .Pawar